"...every time something comes up in the future where I first say "No, I can't!", I remember what I have achieved. I can do everything, it's just in my head."
no more limits
I am! I can!

Growth is only possible without limitations and fear.

And limitations are created in the mind. That's why you can change them! 

All my events are always about your personal growth, health and success in life.

Get to know yourself in a whole new way

Leave behind what holds you back and find out who you are and what you can do!

When not even red-hot coals will stop you


Firewalk, Trustfall, Arrowbreak and other motivating elements

You strengthen assertiveness, team spirit, willpower and the ability to concentrate

Nothing can stop you afterwards!

Whether as an individual or as a business owner for your team:

I offer one-day incentives and multi-day retreats of the extraordinarykind.



The best incentive ever

Team spirit

become the most attractive employer

increase problem solving ability & creativity in the team

Promote the individual strengths in the team

let employees grow beyond their limits

make your company unrivaled

Morning Routine


All events begin each morning with a sports session,
stretching exercises, conscioususe of breathing and bathing in cold water. The exercises are suitable for everyone and can be adapted to the
can be adapted to the level of training.
In this way, the day begins sporty and energetic and yet completely

Create the seemingly impossible and choose a free life

Lift up

Many Native American peoples have long used this custom to boost their own motivation and raise their inner energy. Trained Firewalk instructors like Stina make it possible for anyone to overcome their own doubts and walk across the fire by enhancing their inner vision and energy.

in the sweat lodge leave behind all fears, inhibitions and blockades
Sweat lodge


Guided sweat lodge ceremonies offer a very powerful way to leave behind old beliefs and limiting thoughts. With the heat and guided, active meditations, burdensome blockages can be released and inner strengths and abilities can be recognized and activated.

Sweden - Germany - Cyprus - England - Namibia - with you?


"You don't think too much about it, get into the pool and then you get the shock. Immediately it shoots through your head, "I can't do that, never!" But I did it and the feeling afterwards is breathtaking. You are fully there, clear, awake and proud. An incredible energy. Inspiring. Thank you for this experience! You can do it too!"
Felicitas and Claudius


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As a person who has been working in personal development for many years, I can say that I was once again able to go beyond my comfort zones. I recommend this retreat to everyone who wants to grow beyond themselves.
Africa Scout