about me

The fire in me


Mindfulness has become a central point in my life. It means to perceive life more consciouslyand to shape my life according to my needs and desires.

My professional activities as an emergency paramedic and vocational educator for medical professions, in addition to a severe cardiac arrhythmia, have shown me in a lasting way that NOW is the right moment to change one's life.

I no longer limit myself, neither in my thoughts nor in my actions, and since then I lead a more serene, happier life.
I am a certified Sundoor Firewalk instructor, alternative health practitioner, healthand motivational coach and passionate skydiver.

The why


Our everyday life is all too often characterized by limitations.

Everything I do has the goal of bringing your limitations to the surface and then dissolving them.

Whether it is my nutrition program FoodUp your life, my events with firewalking, ice bath and more or a completely individual coaching, tailored to your needs.

It's always about your personal growth, health and success in life.

How often do you not allow yourself to do things? How often do you not take yourself important? How often do you tell yourself stories that block you on your way to your awesome life, to your goal?
Achieve and maintain absolute freedom
If you want to get to know your essence by facing your biggest fears, you can really try it out here. Everything can, nothing must. Thank you Stina Herz and Jan Herz for your dedication, love and competence during and on this journey.
letting go of limitations and upgrading your comfort zone
Are you a seeker? A seeker? You feel that you are much bigger and that you are called to so much more than to be a puppet of millions in this theater every day? LISTEN TO THE CALL!!!!! is all I can say...
Growing beyond your limitations and enjoying life on another level
The great fire run in the middle of Germany on 01.04.2023

Hotel Glockenspitze