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I haven't had a single migraine since the switch, previously regular, and my overall blood counts have improved. The best thing is that I no longer have diabetes!
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I was not always as vital as you see me here. I am much more energetic, happier and slimmer at 48 than I was at 37, and probably even slimmer than I was at 27. A lot of stress, a severe cardiac arrhythmia and a thyroid disease finally led me to change my life completely.

As it turned out, nutrition was the most important and decisive key for various positive changes for me. Only foods that suited me after a comprehensive blood and metabolic analysis were put on the table. I started to lose weight, my craving for sweets disappeared, I felt more alert and concentrated. Along the way, my stomach aches stopped, I slept better, and my thyroid gland recovered completely.

Since I know which foods are suitable for me and which are not, I have no heartburn, no more neurodermatitis and could also lose some kilos permanently. . For every question Stina had an open ear and always the answer. The extensive analysis documents also make it possible that one can use the knowledge the whole life again and again.
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Why your blood is so crucial - do you fill up with gasoline or diesel?

Fuel for the body

Every person is different and has a differently functioning metabolism.

What we eat is decisive for how well our body works and how much energy it has. This also means that it varies greatly which foods can be processed well and by whom.

In the blood, I can see very well how your body is currently doing and what it lacks. From this I derive conclusions for your very own current situation: on the one hand, which foods are particularly good for you and give you energy, and on the other hand, which additional support could be useful.

Whether it's supplemental nutrients, detoxification function support, physical exercise, or special relaxation techniques to bring a little more calm and serenity to your system.

your body in connection with your past history

What you get from me

You get a comprehensive complete package from me. I only need certain blood values, which you can take from me, your family doctor or a laboratory.

- precise instructions for the laboratory as to which blood values are to be taken

- a detailed, holistic blood analysis with an explanation of what your body is missing and what exactly it needs

- a detailed nutrition plan with a clear list of which foods are optimal for you

- A one-hour 1:1 Zoom Call to go over all the paperwork and discuss getting started

- Joining my Telegram group to get regular inspiration, recipe ideas and encouragement

- the prospect of a healthier, more energetic, more successful life according to your needs

Masterclass recording

All about my individual nutrition program (free of charge)

No one can report on the results better, than the people who have experienced them.


More than 300 people have entrusted their blood and health to me so far. It is wonderful for me to see the impact it has on each of them. They have taken their lives into their own hands and made a lasting difference. First and foremost, they reap the rewards themselves.