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A life according to your needs

Before we go

Before you watch the first video, there are a few small steps you need to take:

1) Get some space, there will be dancing.

2) Set aside something to write about.

3) Take an hour for yourself. Or simply invite your partner, your children or your visitors to join in the fun.

4) Dance yourself warm, best to this song.

And here we go with the first evening:
Come to our group

The Facebook Community

We support each other in our No More Limits community, encouraging courage and moving forward and breaking comfort zones.

Unusual and unusual thoughts are welcome to be expressed and border-crossing deeds are welcome to be implemented and posted.

No one is discriminated against, called names or treated with disrespect.

It is a group through which everyone can grow, find inspiration, and take the next step on the path to their own personal freedom. Perhaps it also ignites the Durchstarter rocket to goals so far away. Then there is rejoicing and celebration.

We celebrate successes and failures, because both move us forward in equal measure.

We regularly share tips, exercises, videos and ideas.

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Our Retreats

We offer you the opportunity to get to know yourself in a completely new way.

Our uniqueretreats in selectedlocations from Swedish Lapland to Namibia. A week just for you, your progress, your journey to yourself, into your energy and towards your dream life. According to your own needs.

Overcome limitations and boundaries, discover the power of transformation, experience the extraordinary.

Embrace the journey, unleash your true potential and become the best version of yourself.

About No More Limits

Our philosophy

For years, we have been constantly striving to developourselves personally. In the process, we have developed simple but highly effective strategies that have fundamentally changed our everyday lives for the better.

Our everyday life is all too often characterized by limitations. Together with our clients, we specifically go in search of their limits, break them down and thus help them to start a new and powerful life. Nothing is as it was when you let go of your fears. Your personal growth is waiting behind this door.

Together we overcome blocking beliefs, experience ourselves anew both physically and mentally and begin a new phase of life!